How To…Make A Sonobe Origami Cube! (Part 1)

Hello there, thank you for visiting my blog. How is your Spring Break going? I have a tutorial for you! Have you ever wanted to make a origami cube that looks a little like this?


Well if you do…this is the post for you! Before you start, you are going to need a square-shaped piece of paper. It doesn’t matter what size it is, any size will work as long as it’s in a square shape. Also, you are going to need 6 sonobe units so everything you do, you have to do it 6 times.

 To make a 2 and 1/4 inch (or 5 cm) cube, you are going to need a 6×6 inch piece of square paper.


First, you are going to fold the paper in half, “hot dog style”.

Next your going to divide the paper into four equal sections. You already have the middle crease, so what you’re going to do to make the four sections is fold the two sides to the middle crease. It should look like this when you finish:


Then, you are going to fold the bottom right corner up to the first crease like this:


After that, fold the top left corner to the top crease. 

*Tip: Remember to always, ALWAYS fold all of your units the same way. Such as, top left corner and bottom right corner, opposites. 


Following that, you are going to re-fold your creases to the middle crease like so:


Also do that to the top crease.

Next, take the bottom left corner and fold it to up to…the top middle should I say. You’ll get it when I show you the photo.


Guess what you are doing next? If you guessed doing the same to the opposite corner I should tap my nose because you are correct!


 Your next step is to fold both of the flaps uderneath the pockets like this (it’s easier to see what I mean in the pictures) :

First Flap…


It will look like this below…


Second Flap…


And ta da! It will look like this if you did it correctly:


You are so close to finishing your first (or maybe not) sonobe cube unit! Just one last step and trust me, it’s easy!

Flip your piece over and we are going to make a square.

Take your corner to your left and fold it to the opposite top corner.


And yes, do it to the other side. :)

Making it look like this…


You have completed your first sonobe unit! Make six more then come back and check out how to assemble it in my next post!


Yours Truly,