Memories, Good or Bad

Have you ever stopped to think how memories can change your day or week? Memories do a lot and mean a lot!

For Week 5 in the Student Blogging Challenge, the activity I’m doing is

“In your own words (not a dictionary) describe what memories mean to you and how they can affect people’s attitude, thought process, etc.”

Memories mean so much to me. They decide if I’m going to have a bad attitude today, or a good one. They affect someone’s attitude and feelings a lot. What if, for example, I remember that when I was little, I had a near-death drowning experience? Then one day, at the pool, one of my friends says, “Hey, let’s go into the deep end and see who can stay under water the longest!” I wouldn’t want to do that and I would reject that idea out of hand. I would be in bad mood because of what happened. 

Memories mean so much to me because they DO effect my mood that day! They affect my happiness and unfortunately, my sadness.


Now do you see how memories can affect

us a lot? Be remember, memories don’t

decide what your decision is. Let YOU be the

judge of YOUR own life.

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Barry via Compfight

My thoughts are waves, barreling across an ocean of ideas.

-Alice, Sixth Grade Writer 


Yours Truly,